BadWolf 'Diablo' Knuckle Duster Beard Comb

Our collaboration with local artists has developed into BADWOLF a brand of beard combs and soon to be clothing line.


** Walnut or Cedar 4" x 5" x 0.25"
** Lasercut, sanded, and sealed with beeswax
** Customizable with your brand and/or logo


Nanogram is a small collective of artisans driven by the pursuit of mastery. Architects by day, and makers by night, we obsess over craft in our discipline of wood manipulation. We follow five core tenets: Majime- seriousness about one’s art; Kojoshin- aspiring to improve oneself and one’s work; Seiketsukan- cleanliness and freshness of workspace; Ganko- stubbornness, obstinacy in the quest for excellence; and Jyonetsu- passion, enthusiasm for one’s profession. No matter how good you are today, you can get better. This is the essence of shokunin kishitsu, the “craftman spirit.” Our goal is simple: make high design accessible to all. Follow us on our unending journey of improvement.
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