TIMBER iPhone X Wood Case

#TIMBER introduces our slim profile, natural protective case for your iPhone X smartphone.

Hand-crafted from FSC certified wood, each #TIMBER wood case is precision laser cut then hand sanded and coated with a specially selected aromatic beeswax to protect from rough surfaces and scratches.

The #TIMBER wood case adds another level of protection to the phone skin by combining a hand finished real wood cover with a black or clear polycarbonate bumper case made to easily snap on and help protect your device.

Actual wood grain, patterns and knots will vary with each individual skin. Your skin is unlike anyone else’s in the world, literally.

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• Precision-cut for your iPhone X
• Available in Black
• Hand-crafted in our USA minifab studio garage from true FSC wood



If you have an idea for a design or custom engraving we can create it for you! We can make both custom skins and cases for you, your business or organization. Whether it be your initials, logo, photograph or unique design, we can make just about anything and bring your design to life on our cases. We believe in your imagination! To get started is a high resolution image.




Want to personalize this product? We offer 12 monogram styles for all of our products. To order, click the link below to add a monogram.




If you would like to order at wholesale quantities do not hesitate to request a quote from us.


Nanogram is a small collective of artisans driven by the pursuit of mastery. Architects by day, and makers by night, we obsess over craft in our discipline of wood manipulation. We follow five core tenets: Majime- seriousness about one’s art; Kojoshin- aspiring to improve oneself and one’s work; Seiketsukan- cleanliness and freshness of workspace; Ganko- stubbornness, obstinacy in the quest for excellence; and Jyonetsu- passion, enthusiasm for one’s profession. No matter how good you are today, you can get better. This is the essence of shokunin kishitsu, the “craftman spirit.” Our goal is simple: make high design accessible to all. Follow us on our unending journey of improvement.
TIMBER Google Pixel Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER iPhone 8 Plus Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER iPhone 8 Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER Samsung S7 Edge Wood Case $20.00
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TIMBER Samsung Galaxy S7 Wood Case $20.00
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TIMBER Google Pixel XL Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER iPhone 7+ Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER iPhone 7 Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER iPhone 6+ / 6s+ Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER iPhone 6 / 6s Wood Case $22.00
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TIMBER iPhone 6 / 6s Wood Case $18.00
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TIMBER iPhone 6 Plus Wood Case: Ouija Edition $20.00
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