Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Sentrock

Introducing our new series of limited edition engraved skatedecks by esteemed street artist @Sentrock. Each board measures 31.75" x 7.75", made of 7-ply Canadian Maple and precision engraved by Nanogram Studio. Only 6 will ever be made....ever.

Joseph "Sentrock" Perez is an artist originally from Phoenix, AZ that moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in Art & Design at Columbia College. Joseph uses his influence of growing in West Phoenix, better known through his art as Bird City, to create art that tells a story of community encouragement. Perez is known for using bright colors, bold imagery, intense lettering and characters that grab the attention of viewer. A staunch believer in the quote "art cannot deny the environment that it is in", Perez allows his surroundings of life in Chicago streets to inform his latest works.

Purchasing limited edition items are final sales. These items are made by order.


Nanogram is a small collective of artisans driven by the pursuit of mastery. Architects by day, and makers by night, we obsess over craft in our discipline of wood manipulation. We follow five core tenets: Majime- seriousness about one’s art; Kojoshin- aspiring to improve oneself and one’s work; Seiketsukan- cleanliness and freshness of workspace; Ganko- stubbornness, obstinacy in the quest for excellence; and Jyonetsu- passion, enthusiasm for one’s profession. No matter how good you are today, you can get better. This is the essence of shokunin kishitsu, the “craftman spirit.” Our goal is simple: make high design accessible to all. Follow us on our unending journey of improvement.

Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Halfsumo $150.00
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Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Vinyltype $250.00
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Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Zoer $250.00
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