Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Vinyltype

Nanogram collaborates with Illustrator @vinyltype. Each board measures 31.75" x 7.75", made of 7-ply Canadian Maple and precision engraved by Nanogram Studio. Only 6 will ever be made....ever.

Patrick Burnell is an Illustrator / Designer from the Midwest. He graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BFA in Art & Design, and spent the last decade there before recently moving to Seattle, WA. Burnell’s work uses surreal imagery, heavy line work, and a melty / warped cartoonish aesthetic. You can see more of his work at or follow his process on instagram and twitter >>> @vinyltype

@vinyltype now finds himself a member of noble cause: helping Nanogram activate @Flatlot through the sale of engraved art. Help us fund this container park for the public good. Through your purchase of our works, we are bankrolling this artist space. No gimmicks, 100% of the proceeds go to keep this park open so we can bring art and architecture approachable to the public where it our hands.

Purchasing limited edition items are final sales. These items are made by order.

With your purchase you have helped fund public architecture in the Phoenix Metro Area. Follow @FLATLOT on instagram and for details. Lets build architecture together.
Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Zoer $250.00
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Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Halfsumo $150.00
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Laser Engraved Skatedeck - Limited Edition Sentrock $150.00
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